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Living Room

A wood-supported landscape with container plants fits the location, but inside, rooms on both floors are decked out as nice as any downtown hotel. Jaynes maximized the feel of the small Living Room by installing two low, streamlined sofas with single arms After all, why bother building around a cliff or boulder when it can be part of the bathroom sink or Living Room structure? But these cliffside homes aren't necessarily for the faint of heart. "Fall House" in Big Sur, California, for example, is perched Until the day when the Kardashian sisters take over a country, Fidel Castro will be universally regarded as the most blabby leader in world history. “My job is to talk,” he once said, which was really a nicer way of saying he could not be shut up. BroadwayWorld is excited to bring you "Songs from My Living Room"- a new series that goes into the home of one of today's most acclaimed contemporary songwriters, as he explains the stories behind his songs. The monthly series will feature special guests Juliann Goldman is trying to make sense of her Rockville living room. After a home renovation 10 years ago, the room is a pass-through to the stairs, kitchen and dining room, with little in the way of defined walls. She needs help creating a seating area Hoping to dispel rumors of Fidel Castro's death, the Cuban government has released images of the leader greeting a series of celebrity guests in his never-before-seen living room, and boy is the place tacky. The Miami Herald notes that "To be fair, nothing .

1) Cuba: Fidel Castro may have great power over Cuba, but that doesn't mean he has great taste. Check out never-before-seen images of his private home, where even the Miami Herald described his living room as "dictator tacky." 3) North Beach: Renzo Piano's With its rotating living room, Horst Brandst├Ątter ’s Florida home shares some of the whimsical spirit of the toy castles and pirate ships his company produces under the German Playmobil brand. And like the brand’s intricate plastic creations Before he could bring his friend Ali Abu Awwad into his West Bank settlement, Rabbi Hanan Schlesinger had to contact the local security authorities, which in turn had to coordinate with the Israeli army to issue a special entry permit for him. In fact I wake to find myself in Diocletian’s living room. A little odd, considering Diocletian lived 1700 years ago. But the Roman emperor’s palace is actually one of history’s great recycling success stories—not to mention one of the world’s great .

Amazing Modern Living Room Decor 1536 x 1024 · 238 kB · jpeg
Amazing Modern Living Room Decor

Remarkable Modern Living Room 1280 x 1024 · 255 kB · jpeg
Remarkable Modern Living Room

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Great Living Room Designs

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Outstanding Living Rooms with Fireplaces

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Top Living Room Designs

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Impressive Living Room Designs

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Perfect Small Living Room Interior Design Ideas

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Magnificent Living Room Designs

Fabulous Minimalist Living Room Design 1200 x 897 · 320 kB · jpeg
Fabulous Minimalist Living Room Design

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Stunning Modern Living Room

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Incredible White Living Room

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Excellent Living Room

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Very Best Green Living Room Ideas

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Brilliant Living Room Designs

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Wonderful Small Living Room Ideas

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